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[Untitled poem]

[Untitled poem]

Jesse Patrick Bohanan

Destruction within,
salvation without —
nothingness, sin,
unbreakable doubt.

Indeed it is in
these layers of pains
that restlessness — din —
of harried life stains.

What then do we make
of such horrible thoughts —
the life we forsake
in potions and draughts?

We wrestle with madness
in daily life's flames;
o'ercoming the sadness
seals selfless-won games —

selfless-won in that we win not for us,
but rather in others whose lives have gained; plus,
we know that in acting in selfless-pain cries,
we seal our own fates while saving their lives.

If win we cannot against lifeless-sin, doubt,
then vict'ry remains when we save souls round'bout.