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"Sophia" Reviewed

"Sophia" Reviewed

Jesse Patrick Bohanan

"Sophia," from The Crüxshadows' album Dreamcypher, was one of the first songs I listened to in my youth that truly shaped my perspective on things and influenced my worldview.

The lines:

The human animal
is a beautiful and terrible creature,
capable of limitless compassion
and unfathomable cruelty.

really resonated with me at that point, and continue to do so to this day. They're spoken by a mechanical voice reminiscent of a female equivalent of Microsoft Sam while a heavy bass synth line plays in the background. Somehow, that seems to make perfect sense for that portion of the song.

Lead singer Rogue really gets into the groove immediately following that opening:

When life has slept behind this isolation,
cruelty and hatred have become
the cause of those whose eyes are full of wanting;
the truth will still abandon none.

So you must carry this light into the darkness.
You shall be a star unto the night.
You will find hope alive among the hopeless —
that is your purpose to this life.

Then comes a squelching synth lead, followed by the introduction of an electric violin line. The (non-single version) song is rather long at 6 minutes 48 seconds, but the energy and emotion can be felt throughout.

And that's the goal: The song is not about a girl named Sophia, but about the Latin noun sophia, defined by Wiktionary as "wisdom (often personified)". It's a battle-song – a ballad both of the Roman warriors of old and of the contemporary protest movements, espousing the the need to have understanding of others first and foremost. It's a worthy cause to promote for any musician, and The Crüxshadows do so brilliantly.