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"Ravens" Reviewed

"Ravens" Reviewed

Jesse Patrick Bohanan

"Ravens," from Mount Eerie's album A Crow Looked at Me, is an extremely interesting piece of art-folk. It is powerful, moving, and saddening — all the more so due to the fact that the entire album is autobiographical.

I couldn't bear to look,
so I turned my head west —
like an early death.

Now I can only see you
on the fridge
in lifeless pictures.

It's a tragic song, and a tragic album altogether — one that chronicles lead singer Phil Elverum's loss of his wife to cancer shortly after the birth of their child. It is, however, moving in its frank discussion of this scenario.

In me, it brought up bittersweet memories of the brief periods before and after Granddad Jess' death. It was interesting and unexpected. The whole album is definitely worth a listen, but start with "Ravens" to see if it's too much to take in as a whole.