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pondering of ringed hands

pondering of ringed hands

Jesse Patrick Bohanan

o worthy target of my affections!
be not dismayed at my reflections
'pon days when single-bodied lay
my body on this sodden clay —

a testament to matelessness,
a somber pose of aimlessness.
i would thee consid'reth this instead —

those days not looked 'pon with longing, sooth,
but with mere considerance of youth.
for in this life together lived
i've shed my boyhood, truth of truths.
and with us wed thou shalt thus know
that past doth fall as dominoes
upon the house of cards once built
by hands mine eyes hath cast off, killed.
new hands are thine by right of love,
and none shall stop us —

nay, not even God above.
let it then be known
throughout the land
that wed we are —

each hand in hand;
and with ringed hands,
as wed we be,
walk we into future's sea —

a fate no man alive can tell,
but together we shall face it well.