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Bite the hand that feeds

Bite the hand that feeds

Jesse Patrick Bohanan

    and malconceived
Notions stray
    the aimless seeds
Once upon the tidal waves
    the truth will float
        and float away

But worry not
    ye malformed man
For the hand
    of discipline
Shall yet right
    the wrongs of sin
        and set thy path anew again

And in the righting
    of such wrongs
Know that there
    is yet one gong
Sounding in the
    endlesss night a
        beacon to sinners' delights

Once more they ask
    of thee again
        "Dost thou live a life of sin?"

And with the answer
    true or not
        the feckless mob
            will have you robbed
                of all your dignity and pride
                    turned cephalopodan as the tide